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Ice Clean Care Group Co. Ltd is a leading office and commercial and residential cleaning company that strives to meet all your cleaning needs. Our team has a wealth of experience gained over several years in cleaning and related service.

Cleaning Services
Our Services
Ice Clean Care Group Ltd is a director driven company providing all forms of cleaning services to the commercial and public sector.
Sofa Set Cleaning
Office and all types of seats and Sofa cleaning, done professionally with us. We have a trained team ready to clean up your Fabric ,leather seats, we use modern tools in cleaning, friendly fabric shampoos and detergents making sure your furniture is good taken care of Contact Us Today Service provision to the needs of...
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Our professional carpet cleaning staff uses state-of­-the­-art equipment, supplies and techniques, including deodorizing, disinfecting and scotch guarding. Ice Clean Care Group Co. Ltd residential carpet cleaning staff is courteous and professional while carefully moving all furniture as required, and will treat your possessions with the utmost care. Our residential carpet cleaning team has...
Institutional Laundry
We recognise the unique needs and the important differences between the various sectors we serve. we offer expert advice and laundry equipment designed and built specifically for these unique needs. Professional laundry equipment designed and installed in the most efficient way possible for your unique needs, considering production volume required, speed, flexibility and durability, in...
Mattress Cleaning
We uses environment-friendly cleaning products to deep clean and sanitize your mattress. Mattress contains 60% of the dust mites found in the house. We clean mattresses to effectively remove unhealthy allergens, bed bugs, and dirt so you can sleep comfortably. Contact Us Today Service provision to the needs of hygiene and safety measures required by every...
Vehicle Cleaning
Vehicle Cleaning service is just what you need to keep your automobile’s interior fragrant and new. If you haven’t been taking as much care of your vehicle’s appearance as you should, maybe it’s time to call the experts. For a difference you can see, choose us. Contact Us Today Service provision to the needs of...
One-Off Cleaning (Cleaning after an Event)
We offers Event and after party cleaning services in Nairobi and its environs. No matter how big your event is, corporate events to largest festivals, our event cleaners are there to help! We are experienced in every event. Whether your event is a national trade show, music festival, wedding venue, corporate hospitality, conference or sporting event,...
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    Domestic Services

    • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
    • Gardening and Landscaping
    • Swimming Pool Cleaning
    • Detailed Car Cleaning
    • Floor Sanding and Varnishing
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    Commercial Services

    • Commercial Property Cleaning
    • Gardening and Landscaping
    • Swimming Pool Cleaning
    • Sanitary and Wash room Solutions
    • Garbage and Waste Management
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    Specialized Cleaning

    • Universities
    • Hospitals
    • Schools
    • Corporate Events
    • Church
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    To provide solution to the needs of hygiene and safety measures required by every individual; through consultancy and cleaning service provision.
    5 Tips & Tricks for Deep Cleaning
    How often do you actually deep clean your home? Most of us are so comfortable with ordinary regular cleaning that we tend to forget important areas, both inside and outside our houses, that need occasional special attention when it comes to cleaning. But you may wonder, what exactly is deep cleaning? It’s simply the complete...
    sanitary bin in the washroom
    3 Key Reasons Why Your Office Needs Sanitary Bins
    Why Sanitary Bins? Disposing menstrual waste is such a critical matter for any lady. Yet many offices across our country have failed to provide adequate personal hygiene units for the disposal of feminine hygiene products such as tampons and pads.  All businesses, regardless of their size, should adhere to these regulations for the long-term welfare...
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